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MapMagic Thailand 2013 is an innovative map application of Thailand covering all 77 provinces including geographical entities such as highways, local roads, railways, rivers, canals, political boundaries, tourist attractions, temples, schools, airports, etc. It provides user from basic map browsing tasks – such as zoom, pan, search and measure distance – to specialized database functions – such as adding unlimited points of interest, linking to external files or database, importing and exporting.

MapMagic Thailand 2013 enables user to visualize and analyse geographic information such as locations of customers, dealers, competitors, delivery destinations, warehouses, factories, etc. MapMagic Thailand 2013 can be applied to business organizations that require geographic information system to enhance works such as sales, marketing, customer services and logistics.





MapMagic Thailand 2013 is a map application which combines the previous editions of MapMagic from many CDs into 1 single DVD. The geographical entities contain local roads and 270,000 POIs covering all 77 provinces of Thailand. The development was made to speed up the application while multiple up-to-date functions make it more simple and convenient for users. Thus, MapMagic Thailand 2013 can be applied to business uses, research projects and so on. The product is available for purchase in Box Set (including paper map, DVD, and license key) or you can buy only a license key and download the software from our online store.



Add and organize your favorite landmarks into group and layer for ease of access. New 100 of landmark icons together with various fields for adding text, link, or picture to describe your work. (your favorite)
Province and Amphoe (district) automatically filled to added landmark. Search your added landmarks by using a keyword or sort them by clicking the heading of preferred column.
View or manage your work (landmarks) either in Table or Group view.
Support favorite data (.MMT) of previous MapMagic version.




Route planning such as planning a trip or logistic can easily been done by using this function.
When measured, turn by turn and total distance are calculated automatically and saved in history.
Measured items (routes) in history can be sorted in multiple ways such as date, distance, name, or bookmark by just clicking the relevant column. A measured route in history can be modified for its distance, name, and property. Bookmark frequency used route. Lock to protect important route from being deleted or modified.




Easily locate where you are on the map.
Facilitate your search with information near your current location such as jobs, hotel promotions, accommodations, restaurants, or places.
** For Windows7, this function is applicable only with a GPS Module and its driver.
** For Windows8, feature available when connected to internet, Wi-Fi, or GPS



Search for interested job positions from by selecting filters/conditions such as category, location, company name, or keyword.
Search result shows as a list together with location on the maps.
More than 60,000 job positions are available.

** Feature available only when connected to the internet



Search, book, and purchase for hotel promotions or vouchers from in special discounted price.
Search can be narrowed down to your need by selecting category, popular place, or location.

** Feature available only when connected to the internet



Share your favorite landmarks or map to Facebook via MapMagic.
Send map via email to your friend or customer.
Recipient can see the map detail by just clicking the attached link.

** Feature available only when connected to the internet
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Export your entire or partial work into (.TMX) file for backing up your data or using in other projects.
Import favorite data form the previous version (.MMT) or current version (.TMX) of MapMagic into your project.
Export favorite data as a text file (.TXT) for general use.



Search for places by category, subcategory, location, or keyword.
Searched result displays as a list and when clicked will bring you to the landmark on the map.
View map with favorable overlay background of normal, terrain, political, or printer friendly to suit your need.
5 adjustable map font sizes for both Thai and English.



At your fingertips, MapMagic allows you to use all features and functions with multi-touch screen monitor seamlessly along with keyboard and mouse.
Zoom, pan, select, or mouse right click action on the map is just simply done by using fingers to pinch, swipe, touch, or touch & hold respectively.

** Available on pc with Windows7 or Windows8 connected to multi-touch screen monitor.


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